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Istiklal Caddesi by Tolga
Persuading for Pedestrian Zones (Part 2)
(Read Part 1 of this post here.) ISTANBUL In Istanbul, waterways ruled strong over the seat of empires. The former Constantinople’s claim to fame came from its geography nestled among the world’s most strategic waterways. Once on land, merchants and ...
M.V. Jantzen M Saturday Night on M Street
Persuading for Pedestrian Zones (Part 1)
The flows of both traffic and history move in sometimes mysterious ways. At the turn of the 21st century, cities, such as D.C., clamored to integrate the amazing new technology of automobiles.  As most urban areas now choke on rapid ...
Greening the Capital "By-Cycle"
Greening the Capital "By-Cycle"
Image via Casey Trees YouTube channel. While Washington DC’s annual Cherry Blossom festival draws in crowds from all over the world, most of the year the city’s foliage goes relatively unnoticed. Casey Trees, a local non-profit, is finding creative ways ...
Flickr photo by Luo Shaiyang.
Paying for Blue Skies
Previously, the Beijing skyline took the international spotlight during the Olympics as air pollution threatened athletes and cast a gray haze over the city. Now the Beijing government is designing a policy that would reward driver’s for purchasing cleaner cars. ...
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David Byrne Perking Up Bike Parking in NYC
David Byrne of the Talking Heads (a well-known band from the 1980′s) and the Department of Transportation are promoting awareness for biking in the Big Apple through bike racks inspired by the various neighborhoods of New York City. Through July ...
Flickr photo from JasonBechtel.
Boulder Wins Platinum in Biking
“Boulder Goes Bike Platinum” by Streetfilms The League of American Cyclists has bestowed one of its highest honors on Boulder, CO: a Platinum ranking for bike friendly communities. Now along with Portland, OR and Davis, CA, Boulder is a shining ...
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