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The Green Corridor of Cali, Colombia aims to redevelop an old unused railroad into a sustainable mobility corridor. The project is one of the shining examples of integrated transport shared with us by Dario Hidalgo. Image courtesy of Juan Yunda.
Dario Hidalgo shares shining examples of integrated transport, with Robin King
On October 7 – two weeks ago today – TheCityFix reported on UN World Habitat Day and the release of the 2013 Global Report on Human Settlements. Now that the report has been out for a while, we’re following up ...
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One of the target audiences for Transperth's "Two Hoots" campaign are bikers who use public transport. Photo by Sally.
Friday Fun: “Two Hoots” campaign rewards good behavior on public transport
In Perth, Australia, residents are fed up with anti-social and rude behavior on public transport. In an effort to reward riders who care about the comfort of their fellow passengers, Transperth – part of the Western Australia State Government’s Public ...
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Robin Chase, founder and former CEO of Buzzcar and Zipcar, advocates for the PeersIncorporated business model. Photo by Amit Gupta.
Three things you should be doing right now: Advice from Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar
As human society faces the massive global challenge of climate change, many of us ask ourselves – do my individual actions really matter? Robin Chase, the founder and former CEO of Buzzcar and Zipcar, thinks they do, and she’s given ...
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Your decision to ride public transport shows that special someone that you care about the environment, your health, and that you've got great people skills. Photo by Paul Lowry.
Friday Fun: Sustainable transport just got sexier
Have you ever wondered what message you’re sending that special someone through how you get around? According to a recent survey, you probably should. Out of 2,000 British men and women polled by, an online facilitator for buying and ...
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Children enjoy the festivities of the EcoMobility World Festival in Suwon, South Korea. Photo by Carlos Felipe Pardo.
Putting ecomobility to the test in Suwon
As the EcoMobility World Festival enters its final week in Suwon, South Korea, questions arise about the future of the city’s Haenggung-dong neighborhood. With over 4,300 residents, Haenggung-dong is one of Suwon’s most crowded neighborhoods, and has been a car-free ...
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