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Gurgaon, India recently celebrated "Inclusive Raahgiri Day," focusing on children with disabilities. Photo by Ajay Gautam.
In Photos: Raahgiri Day Making A Difference for Youth with Disabilities
Launched in Gurgaon, India in 2013, Raahgiri Day closes down city streets to cars, bringing people of all ages out to walk, bike, make music, and socialize. Recently, India’s Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, along with the Municipal Corporation ...
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The Raahgiri movement is bringing car-free Sundays to cities across India, spreading the principles of sustainable, active transport. Photo by Shamim Khan/Facebook.
In photos: Bhopal becomes India’s fifth city to join the car-free Raahgiri movement
On September 21, 2014, Bhopal became the fifth city in India to implement the weekly open streets movement, Raahgiri Day. Organized by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), Traffic Police, and Bhopal City Link Ltd. (BCLL) in collaboration with EMBARQ India, ...
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Raahgiri Day, a day in which streets are closed to cars and open to pedestrians and cyclists is a time to celebrate community and human-centered mobility that is swiftly expanding throughout India. Photo by EMBARQ.
Scaling up sustainability: ‘Raahgiri Day’ comes to New Delhi
Raahgiri Day, the weekly event that closes city streets to cars to celebrate walking, biking, music-making, and socializing, has expanded beyond Gurgaon, India. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) together with the New Delhi Police Department has decided to stage ...
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A crowd of urban residents enjoy Raahgiri Day in 2013 in Gurgaon, India. After two months, nearly 90,000 people have participated in Raahgiri Day, India's first sustained car-free Sunday. Photo by EMBARQ.
In photos: Two months of Raahgiri Day
Raahgiri Day, India’s first sustained car-free day, completed its second month in Gurgaon – India’s “Millennium City” – on January 19, 2014. Although only eight weeks old, Raahgiri Day has had quite the journey since its first day in action ...
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The first ever Raahgiri Day took place in Gurgaon, India on November 17, 2013. Photo courtesy of Raahgiri Day organizers.
Raahgiri Day spotlights non-motorized mobility in India
This post follows up on TheCityFix’s article that announced the launch of Raahgiri Day last month. On a cold winter morning on November 17, 2013, over 10,000 residents of Gurgaon, India, poured onto the streets to celebrate their city. Raahgiri ...
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Gurgaon, India will launch Raahgiri Day on Sunday, November 17 – a recurring event that will turn a major city road into a car-free zone every Sunday, where citizens can participate in community or recreational activities. Photo by pastalane.
Gurgaon launches India’s first car-free Sunday
“High-quality public pedestrian space is evidence of a true democracy at work” – Enrique Penalosa, Former Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia Starting on November 17, an entire street in Gurgaon, India will be transformed into a car-free zone every Sunday where ...