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Cities and national governments should collaborate to create policies that best fulfill  urban needs. (Photo: Benoit Colin/ EMBARQ)
A Sharing Economy for Governance: 3 Ingredients for Sustainable Cities
The future of global development will overwhelmingly play out on the city stage. Recognizing this, the global development agenda has begun to identify cities as engines for improving human well-being, addressing climate change, and transitioning to more sustainable growth. Indeed, ...
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From indoor farming to subsidizing grocery stores, communities across the world are working to ease food insecurity in high risk areas. (Photo: McKay Savage/ Flickr)
Friday Fun: How Cities Around the Globe Are Innovating to Solve Food Insecurity
Today (October 16) marks World Food Day, when communities across the world take a stand against hunger and food insecurity. Hunger is a particularly important issue in cities, since poor households in urban areas spend anywhere from 60 to 80 ...
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With the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit coming up this weekend, cities are looking to play a key role in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals. (Photo: Center for Global Development/ Flickr)
How Cities Can Drive Change with the New UN Sustainable Development Goals
This weekend, from September 25 – 27, more than 150 world leaders will convene in New York City for the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit to develop the new sustainable development goals (SDGs). This agreement will serve as the foundation ...
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The White House's new "Smart Cities" Initiative will partner cities, like New York, with tech organizations to improve urban design and policy making. (Photo: David Flores / Flickr)
An Act of Faith in Cities: White House Launches “Smart Cities” Initiative
On Monday, the Obama administration unveiled the “Smart Cities” Initiative for the United States, which recognizes cities as engines of growth and innovation and aims to address local challenges to improve the lives of the country’s growing urban population. The ...
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