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Map courtesy of Nagraj Sheth of the Institute of Technology.
Navi Mumbai: Retrofitting a "Planned" City
Navi Mumbai is a planned city to the east of Mumbai proper, just across the Thane creek. Beginning in the 1960s, the Maharashtra government made a concerted effort to reduce congestion, crowding and environmental degradation in Mumbai by transferring industry ...
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Restrictions on Cycle Rickshaws Arbitrary, says Delhi High Court
In a landmark decision last month, the Delhi High Court ruled that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s policy of limiting the number of cycle rickshaws is unconstitutional. This verdict represents a key step in defending the right to the road ...
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The Mira Road skywalk. Photo via Accommodation Times.
Creating Streets for Walkers and Hawkers
This post is intended as a follow-up to Erica Schlaikjer’s recent post about the new “skywalks” in Mumbai. She highlighted several common criticisms – that these elevated walkways are inaccessible for the old and the disabled, that they destroy the ...