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A group of cycling enthusiasts are encouraging Mumbaikers to ditch the traffic and cycle during the nighttime quiet hours as part of their everyday routine. Photo by Rana Chakraborty
After Office Hours, It's Time to Go Cycling
If you are a professional based in Mumbai and wish to take up cycling, daytime traffic and lack of personal time are probably your biggest concerns. To deal with this problem, a bunch of individuals are encouraging everyone to get ...
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Evening rush hour traffic outside the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai. Photo by Vikas Hotwani.
The Next Big Challenge: Latent Demands for Personal Transport Ready to Explode
Rising income levels means paving way to latent aspirations of a rising consumer class. A positive change indeed, but is our infrastructure equipped for the latest additions?
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Traffic police help guide the flow of road traffic. Now if we could just solve overcrowding on trains... Photo by calamur.
Curbing Ticketless Travel to Bring Profits to Public Transport
Millions of people ride Mumbai's trains every day. However, a large number of them don't pay for their services. Adequate steps to curb the habit is vital for profits, and hence, the transport system's long-term development.