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"Revolutionary" Hubway riders outside of Paul Revere's House in Boston. Photo by City of Boston.
Boston’s Hubway
After spending several years abroad focused on Asia’s urban centers, it was heartening to return to find my hometown making progress in sustainable transportation. On July 28, the city of Boston launched New Balance Hubway, the fifth major bike share system ...
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Scooters are very common in Taiwan. Photo by Sheu Hau Chow.
Electric Vehicles in Taiwan
Due to its high rates of urbanization and population density, Taiwan is an ideal nation for electric vehicles (EV). In a country with nearly one vehicle per person, a reformation of the private transportation sector is essential to meaningfully reduce ...
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Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
Kaohsiung’s Public Transportation Push
In 2006, Kaohsiung City recorded a paltry 4.3 percent share for public transportation usage. In the years since, the Kaohsiung City government launched an ambitious plan to increase ridership in Taiwan’s second largest urban area. To reform its transportation system, ...