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By nik.clayton.
Friday Fun: Bike-friendly cafe rolls into Zurich
The morning coffee run just got easier. With many cities around the world seeking to become more bicycle-friendly, Zurich, Switzerland has just taken it to the next level. At the Rathaus Cafe, overlooking the Limmat River in Zurich, cyclists commuting ...
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Amman. By David Bjorgen.
Will Jordan get its advanced bus system?
For outside observers, Queen Rania Street, a bustling thoroughfare in central Amman, has an odd feature running for two kilometers down the center of the road: a vacant lane. It has been adopted by cyclists as an unofficial bike lane, ...
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Photo by zer0_pt.
Friday Fun: Mapping a day in the life of the London transport system
TheCityFix discovered what quite possibly could be the world’s coolest transport-related master’s thesis project-recap video. The recent debut of the BRT in Action Newsletter, published by Santiago, Chile’s Centre of Excellence for Bus Rapid Transit, included a link to Jay ...
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By longzijun.
The three pillars of successful urban development in Seoul
In her February post on sustainable urban development, EMBARQ expert Robin King posed the question: “What does good urban development mean to you?” Keeping people in mind, she identified three key areas for action to produce good urban development: Providing ...
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By Jack Amick
Friday Fun: Famous lyrics on New York City streets
Yes, yes y’all, you know we talkin it all, see how we bringin the street corner to Carnegie Hall. –Busta Rhymes How many songs have you heard that have New York, L.A., or London, or Paris in the lyrics? They ...
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Photo by Metro Transportation Library and Archive.
Friday Fun: Whom might you run into on public transport?
Many of us who enjoy public transport on a daily basis have been there…. the dinner table stories of your Aunt Mary running into the Duchess of Cambridge on the London Underground or your brother sitting three rows behind Tom ...
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