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Family on the streets of Tehran. Photo by kamshots.
3 things you did not know about sustainable transport in Iran
A family navigates the streets of Tehran, Iran’s capital city. Photo by kamshots. Located in central Asia, with the Caspian Sea forming its northern border and the Persian Gulf to the south, Iran has been a crossroads of human civilization ...
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Cloud Gate, a public sculpture in the US city of Chicago. Photo by Marshall Segal.
Friday Fun Infographic: How Our Cities are Shaping Us
Have we designed our communities in such a way that we are contributing to the obesity epidemic and other health problems? The infographic designed by Chris Yoon (below) asks this question and illustrates some of the findings from a recent ...
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Join EMBARQ as an intern writer and blogger for TheCityFix and EMBARQ news. Photo by EMBARQ.
Call for applications: Apply to be TheCityFix intern blogger!
Dear readers, Think you have what it takes to be a full-time intern blogger for TheCityFix? Apply to be our intern Writer and Blogger! If you can’t commit to a paid position in our Washington, D.C. office, please consider being ...
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Citi Bike, America's largest bike-sharing system opened in New York City on Monday. Photo by shinya.
Bike-sharing arrives in New York City via Citi Bike
New York City has joined the ranks of U.S. cities now offering bike-sharing systems. Sponsored by CitiBank and launched on Monday, Citi Bike offers residents, commuters, and visitors to the “Big Apple” an additional mobility and urban connectivity option, in the form ...
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By Melissa Wall.
Friday Fun: A Los Angeles cycling highway?
“The South California towns, Los Angeles and Pasadena, are now connected by the strangest and most interesting of links-a magnificent, elevated cycle-way, with a smooth surface of wood, running for nine miles through beautiful country, flanked by green hills, and ...
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By Charles Bombardier.
Friday Fun: Self-driving automobile + Bus + Taxi = Otobuxi
Most residential streets are not serviced by city buses. Even if they were not too heavy, bulky, or noisy, there is seldom enough passengers to fill them. The automobile does not fare much better, creating traffic congestion and parking woes, ...
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