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Transit, Crowdsourcing and Universal Design
Transit, Crowdsourcing and Universal Design
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University released a new smartphone application that will help transit users create a database of real-time information of their local transit agencies. Cities and transit agencies around the world are making riding easier for their customers by ...
The Minnesota Valley Transit Authoritywrapped 10 buses in a clever "Bus 2.0" livery to publicize new intelligent transport system (ITS) technologies. Photo via EMBARQ.
Honesty in Transit Marketing: Deliver on Your Promises
Today’s information-rich world enables city dwellers to share experiences on public transport faster than any transit agency could ever hope to publish a press release, develop a marketing campaign, or hold a news conference. An agency’s brand and message can ...
You can see elements of LA Metro uniform design guidelines across various print materials. This helps maintain a unified brand so that the agency is easily recognizable to its customers and other stakeholders. Photo by EMBARQ
What Are Best Practices in Transit Branding, Marketing and Communications?
EMBARQ, the producer of this blog, is preparing a new guidebook for cities and transit agencies about the importance of branding, marketing and communications when creating new transit services. This publication will be a very visual guide to best practices ...
Access Over Mobility: Why Driving Can’t Be the Only Option
Access Over Mobility: Why Driving Can’t Be the Only Option
Last week, the Washington, D.C. region was awash in hype over an impending “thunder snow” storm.  While  the storm under-delivered on the snow, it certainly caused chaos. Storms like these highlight the benefits of compact urban development while underscoring the ...
These new display screens will be rolled out in bus stops and at heavily trafficked intersections around the city. Photo by Erik Weber.
Digital Displays for Transit: Can More Information Mean More Riders?
In the American capital, pedestrians and transit riders will soon be enjoying a veritable buffet of information about their transit options, available on digital displays across the city. District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Director Gabe Klein unveiled on Monday a ...
Many American cities’ BRT systems are destined to flounder when one of the key elements of BRT, the exclusive lane, is omitted. Image by Erik Weber.
In the U.S., Poor Communication and Poor Choices Plague Bus Rapid Transit
Bus rapid transit (BRT) is still a relatively novel mode of public transit, particularly in the United States. And because the definition of BRT is flexible, this form of public transit often suffers from miscommunication that continues the cycle of ...
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