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In the lead up the COP21, some countries, such as Jordan, are including building efficiency upgrades in their plans to decrease emissions. Photo by Justin A. Wilcox/Flickr
Buildings and National Climate Commitments: What You Need to Know Before the Global Climate Change Conference (COP21)
TheCityFix is covering cities at COP21. Urban areas account for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions but are also tremendous agents of innovation to address climate change. Read our full coverage of the Paris Climate Conference as it relates to cities, buildings, and mobility. In anticipation ...
What’s Next for Google’s “Project Sunroof?” Reducing the Need for Power in the First Place
What’s Next for Google’s “Project Sunroof?” Reducing the Need for Power in the First Place
Google recently released Project Sunroof—an interactive online tool that allows building owners to estimate how much money they can save by installing solar panels on their roofs. In short, the tool is a valuable resource for anyone considering solar power ...
It’s difficult for residents and business owners to know how their homes perform compared to similar homes, let alone have access to information detailing how location, such as a waterfront, affects energy efficiency. (Photo: Mr Thinktank / Flickr)
Buildings: Our Biggest (and Most Underutilized) Asset for Improving How Cities Perform
Urban residents around the world have different daily routines, but they share something in common that often goes unappreciated. Let’s take the example of how a city dweller in China spends an average day: 8 hours of work activities 30 ...
Because buildings in cities like Mumbai, India produce more than 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, improving building efficiency is critical to making cities more sustainable. Photo by Simone D. McCourtie/World Bank.
Crowdsourcing Local Knowledge to Make Buildings More Efficient
Investing in resource efficiency helps cities and their residents by cutting energy and water costs, creating jobs and creating cleaner, healthier air. And making cities more resource efficient is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. Improving ...
Buildings are Mexico City's number one source of greenhouse gas emissions and the focus of a new partnership to improve energy efficiency and create a more sustainable, competitive city. Photo by Alejandro Mejia Greene/Flickr.
Building a more competitive Mexico City through energy efficiency
Buildings are an important part of the sustainability picture for Mexico City. At least 20 percent of the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings, with growth in coming decades expected to increase energy demand. This means that improving ...
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