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Tricycles are a source of air pollution and health hazards in Manila. Photo by digitalpimp.
Cleaning-up the air with electric tricycles in Manila, Philippines
This article was edited on March 22, 2013. With over 3.5 million currently in operation, the motorized tricycle – a close cousin of the ubiquitous motorized rickshaw seen zipping through the streets of India and throughout Southeast Asia – is an icon on ...
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Cities like Chicago have "climate action plans." Photo by Monika Thorpe.
Getting on the Right Track: Real-World Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation
“Transit is the best mitigation strategy for climate change,” said Projjal Dutta from New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to start his discussion on how the agency is adapting to recurring, extreme weather events, during a recent Federal Transit Aministration workshop ...
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Photo by Bauke Karel.
User Preference Key to Implementing Sustainable Transportation
Biking and walking infrastructure is often evaluated from the point of view of the planners. To get more public input on these topics, the Mineta Transportation Institute recently published “Integration of Biking and Walking Infrastructure into Urban Communities,” led by Cornelius Nuworsoo, Eugene Jud and Katherine Cushing. Prior ...
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Photo by thisisbossi.
Blogging from TRB: Transportation and Air Quality
At the 91st Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, there have been a number of sessions focusing on transportation, public health and emissions. The discussion in recent years of the link between the three has now moved into the ...
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Photo by Ben Amstutz.
California’s Policy Model to Reduce Oil Use and Vehicle Emissions
Despite having continual governing issues, budget problems and high employment, California has been a leader in developing policy to address climate change. Dan Sperling, discussing California’s leadership in vehicle emissions standards at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace at an ...
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