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NPR Launches 'On the Road to Safety' Series
TheCityFix just came across this great series that American National Public Radio (NPR) began yesterday. The impetus for the series was the realization that apparently last year saw one of the lowest levels of driving fatalities in nearly 50 years. ...
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Before photo courtesy of Flickr user M.V. Jantzen.
Marie Reed Underpass, Champlain Contraflow Bike Lane Complete
The much anticipated reopening of Champlain Street under Marie Reed Reed Community Center in Adams Morgan is complete. The project features a northbound contraflow bike lane on the newly created one-way southbound stretch of Champlain. It also includes a large ...
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How Free is Your Parking?
Here is a great video I found via our friends over at It was produced in Australia, but the effects of minimum parking requirements on urban areas are truly global in scope. Also check out Donald Shoup’s The High ...
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Photo by thisisbossi.
The Illusive Dream of Modern American Rail
For a total of 7 minutes, train geeks can rejoice while riding Amtrak’s Acela Express, which glides at 150 mph in America’s northeast corridor. That track, located in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, totals 18 miles and is the only segment ...
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Development prospects for for-sale housing in 2010. From ULI's Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2010 survey.
The End of the American Exurbs and the Death of Sprawl?
It’s a common refrain among Smart Growth advocates across the United States that goes something like this: “The fallout from the economic crisis is hitting far out suburban and exurban communities much harder than urban areas. This signals the end ...
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The National Building Museum. Flickr photo from giveawayboy.
Great Multimedia Exhibit on Urban Poverty Ends Sunday
If you haven’t been to the National Building Museum in a while, be sure not to miss an interactive multimedia exhibit called “The Places We Live.” The exhibit provides striking access into the homes and lives of of 20 different ...
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