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Hang in there, Lee! Photo by EMBARQ.
To Lee Schipper, With Love and Care
Our good friend and founder of EMBARQ (the producer of this blog), Lee Schipper, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. According to his family and close colleagues, he immediately sought excellent care and underwent chemotherapy treatments. We are calling on TheCityFix ...
Image by CTS-México.
SimCity for Real in Naya Raipur
Have you ever played SimCity? Well, I spent hours (no, actually, days!) trying to make my planned cities thrive in the classic version of the game, some 20 years ago. You can now play the game online, for free, with ...
Photo by Stephen Rees.
Why Streetcars? Evaluating the Alternatives
In a recent post on TheCityFix, Dan Tangherlini, the former director of the District Department of Transportation under Mayor Anthony Williams, makes the case for streetcars in Washington, D.C.  I would like to bring some additional points to the discussion. For ...
The TransMilenio BRT on an expressway with overtaking lanes. Photo by Dario Hidalgo.
TransMilenio: A Retrospective
EMBARQ’s Director of Research and Practice Dario Hidalgo, former deputy general manager for TransMilenio, shares a memory from 10 years ago, when Bogota’s new bus rapid transit (BRT) system first launched. This post is part of our monthlong series, celebrating TransMilenio’s ...
Photo by clarkmaxwell.
Transport and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): Flogging a Dead Horse?
Dario Hidalgo, senior transport engineer at EMBARQ (the producer of this blog), and Cornie Huizenga, joint convener of the Sustainable Low Carbon Transport Partnership (SLoCaT), discuss why the current market-based mechanism for reducing global carbon emissions—the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)—is not ...
A new trolleybus corridor in Bologna, Italy tests new guide technology. Image from Roberto Amori on YouTube.
Smooth Operator: Guided Trolleybuses Debut in Bologna, Italy
Guidance improves the performance and reliability of a bus or trolleybus corridor, allowing for fairly smooth approach to the bus stops or stations, with very small gaps between the platforms and the bus floor. Guidance systems protect the vehicles from ...
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