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A pedestrian crossing in Singapore. Photo by Scania Group.
Safer mobility, safer climate
Each time we travel extra miles in private cars, we emit more CO2, and we create more traffic related deaths and injuries (see data from the International Energy Agency and the World Health Organization). Each year 1.3 million die from ...
Curitiba, Brazil: advancing a tradition of leadership in advanced bus systems. Photo by Robert Blackie.
30 years of transport in Latin America: 15 years back, 15 years ahead
Fifteen years ago, Latin America passed a tipping point on the road to becoming a global leader in advanced bus systems, proving that municipalities can inspire meaningful change through a combination of leadership, institutional support, and funding. Today, Latin America ...
Earlier this year, a local NGO in Delhi filed a court petition demanding that the bus corridor be made open for mixed traffic
Court Ruling Dismisses Petition Against Bus Corridor
This post originally appeared on The New York Times’ India Ink blog on 26 October 2012. The authors, Dario Hidalgo and Madhav Pai, are senior staff with EMBARQ, the producer of this blog.  Their comments are in response to the court ruling favoring the bus priority ...
Downtown streets were totally rebuilt to provide safe transit for the new buses and help recover the urban environment. Photo by EMBARQ Mexico.
The New Kid on the Block: Metrobus Opens Line 4 in Mexico City
With input from Marco Priego. Mexico City now has a new bus service running through the heart of the Historic District, with service to the international airport. Metrobus Line 4, which opened on April 1, shows ingenuity and exemplifies the ...
Photo by Gerardo Arévalo Tamayo.
Urgent Action Required: Improve TransMilenio Service
A version of this post was originally published in Spanish on TransMilenio has been recognized as an iconic transformation of public transport, inspiring dozens of cities to implement low-cost, rapidly implemented and high-impact bus rapid transit (BRT) systems around ...
Photo by Ashley Bayles.
Walking Brings Us Together: Reliving Colombia’s Carnaval de Barranquilla
Last weekend, I enjoyed one of the most amazing and fun activities a city has to offer: I was part of “Carnaval de Barranquilla,” a UNESCO-recognized heritage event. The theme of the carnival is “El que vive es el que ...
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