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Photo by Andreas Møl Dalsgaard via the Danish Film Institute.
Film Reveals Bogota’s Urban Transformation
I recently watched “Bogotá Change,” a film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival under a film series titled “Cities on Speed.” The video below is a trailer for the four films, covering urban challenges in Mumbai, Shanghai, Cairo and Bogota. ...
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A taxicab running on compressed natural gas in New Delhi. Photo by Luke X. Martin.
CNG: The Cleaner Fuel? – Part One
In India, the Gujarat High Court has ordered the state government to convert all public and private vehicles registered in the state to compressed natural gas (CNG) within one year. From the court’s order: “State is directed to pass necessary ...
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Simple, modern and beautiful station art combines functionality and aesthetics at Villa Maria Metro in Montreal. Phobo by Picantico.
They’ll Ride If It’s Fun
It seems a week can’t go by without at least one person giving me a surprised look, stammering, “You ride the local?” They’re referring to my choice to ride Mumbai’s local train system every morning. Like many places, there’s a ...
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Photo by andrew j. cosgriff.
The Basics on Congestion: Singapore, London, Copenhagen
Thanks to, I’ve come across a great video from the Mexican office of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy. It nicely sums up in less than four minutes the glaring and basic problem with non-integrated and car-centered design. ...
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Photo by Meena Kadri.
Steering Indian Cities Towards Higher Fuel Quality Standards
While scaling up sustainable transportation solutions worldwide, it’s important that we still consider the reality of personal automobile demand. Tackling the lower-hanging fruit of vehicular emissions reductions in densely populated developing countries is critical for mitigating climate change and improving ...
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How do you find your way? Photo by Rohan Shah.
How We Give Directions Is Cultural
On my way to my first day working at EMBARQ India’s office in Mumbai, I was given directions that included passing through tunnels, alleys and an empty warehouse. I had to ask myself if certain alleys were actually roads I ...
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