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Many cities, like Washington D.C., are picking up beekeeping to both combat declining bee populations and help boost local agriculture and business. (USDA Photo by Lance Cheung)
Why Cities Should Invest in Beekeeping
Cities looking for sustainable economic growth might consider investing in a seemingly unlikely source: urban beekeeping. Contrary to what one might expect, urban bees survive better, produce more honey, and are healthier than rural bees. Furthermore, urban bees have a ...
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A street market in St. Lucia, South Africa. With the continent rapidly urbanizing, it's critical that city leaders address urban food loss and waste in order to ensure sustainable development and end food insecurity. Photo by Steve Slater/Flickr.
Why Africa Needs to Look to Its Cities to End Hunger
Last year, the African Union—an assembly of 54 African nations—formally committed to ending hunger in Africa by 2025. This is incredibly ambitious, considering one out of every four people in sub-Saharan Africa is undernourished. The majority of the 800 million ...