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New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square. Photo by Anthony Quintano/Flickr.
A people-friendly Times Square, just in time for New Year’s Eve
1904 was a big year for the city of New York. The first underground subway system in the United States launched in Manhattan, the New York Times opened the second highest skyscraper in the city at One Times Square, and ...
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Busy train station
Three key building blocks of marketing sustainable transport
Consider McDonald’s golden arches for a moment. Now think about the Nike swoosh, or Apple’s, well, apple. There’s no denying that the power of branding and marketing is immense. For those of us in the sustainable urban transport world, we ...
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What's your favorite transportation story? Photo by EMBARQ.
Friday Fun: My Favorite Transport Story
Three young boys in Ahmedabad, India save up their change every week to spend on a special treat. They used to buy candy. Now they save up to go for fun rides on bus rapid transit! That’s my favorite sustainable ...
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From an edge city to a vibrant urban center. Is Tysons Corner wishful thinking? Photo by VaDOT.
Repositioning America’s Edge Cities: Virginia’s Tysons Corner
  How do you reposition a typical suburban office development – an office park, a group of office buildings and an intersection of highways – into a vibrant urban center? If you know of Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia, you ...
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President Obama giving the 2013 State of the Union address. Photo by Pete Souza/The White House.
STATEMENT: WRI Response to the State of the Union
WASHINGTON (February 13, 2013)– In his State of the Union address, President Obama presented his priorities for his second term, including addressing the threat of climate change. New analysis by the World Resources Institute has identified four essential steps the ...
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Lyon, France, introduced the most recent "3+" bike-sharing generation. Photo by juicebox013.
Four generations of bike-sharing
Looking back at Amit Bhatt’s presentation on Financially Sustainable Public Bike-Sharing at Transforming Transportation 2013, I thought I would share with you the key moments and generations in the history of bike-sharing. Although it appears like a new trend, bike-sharing ...
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