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Photo by bfishadow.
Beijing to Go Coal-Less in 2015
Beijing’s recent string of blue-sky days may be a more common sight to behold in 2015. This past week, the Chinese capital released the five-year “Beijing Municipal Clean Air Action Plan,” which aims to increase the number of blue-sky days ...
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This winter, Beijing levies a small car tax. Photo by Jake Ji.
China Institutes New Car Policies, But Are They Enough?
One present Santa may have brought a lot of Chinese families this year: a small car.  On Tuesday, the Chinese government announced a 10 percent sales tax on small cars effective January 1, sending many who had planned to purchase ...
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Guangzhou opened a new BRT system to help reduce traffic, but experts say other solutions, like congestion pricing, should also be considered. Photo by everywhereATonce,
From New York to Guangzhou: Lessons Learned from Congestion Pricing
As heard today on The New York Times Dot Earth blog, Chinese officials in Guangzhou — China’s third largest city and the capital of Guangdong (China’s wealthiest province) — are considering congestion pricing as an option to address increasing traffic ...
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To address continued air pollution and traffic congestion woes, Beijing is harkening back to its days as the "bicycle kingdom" and introducing policies to encourage more cycling. Photo by Dave-Gray.
Back to Bicycling Basics in Beijing
According to The Guardian, 20 years ago, four out of five Beijing residents pedaled around China’s capital in some of the world’s best bike lanes.  However, this number has decreased as private car ownership has gone up. From 1995 to 2005, China’s ...
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Advertisement for carpool drivers, courtesy of
Carpooling arrives in China
As seen on, residents piloted a carpooling program in Wuhan – a burgeoning megalopolis in central China with a population of 9.1 million people and almost a million cars.  Initiated as a way to ease traffic congestion and to promote ...
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Image via Solar Roadways
Solar Roadways: The Path to the Future?
The Department of Transportation is funding a pilot project that will make roads out of LED lights and solar panels, as recently seen on Husband and wife Scott and Julie Brusaw teamed up to make Solar Roadways (TM), a ...
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