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Friday Fun: Bus Stops Crackle, Swing
Friday Fun: Bus Stops Crackle, Swing
In the modern cityscape, the bus stop is dismissed as an object without artistic merit. Ubiquitous and simultaneously invisible -unless a delay forces the commuter’s eye-  few people recognize bus stops as places that can make a meaningful contribution to ...
Friday Fun: Public Packs Parklets Across US
Friday Fun: Public Packs Parklets Across US
As summer rages onward, celebrating the urban outdoors is now safer and more enjoyable via parklets: mini parks that extend outward from the sidewalk and into the sphere of pedestrian access. These reclamations of urban space have appeared in cities across ...
Tricycles are a common means of transportation in the Philippines and a major contributor to air pollution. Photo by Lisa and Alec via Flickr
E-Tricycles Coming to the Streets of the Philippines
The Asian Development Bank (ADB), along with the Philippine Department of Energy, has begun implementing a plan to introduce as many as 100,000 electric tricycles to the streets of the Philippines by 2020. Tricycles, smoke-belching and inexpensive three-wheeled vehicles found ...
Friday Fun: Advertising Via Smell
Friday Fun: Advertising Via Smell
Transit agencies have found a new way to sell ad space on the local bus-through the air. Buses in Seoul disseminated the scent of coffee each time a Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement was played on the bus’s speakers. The coffee-like scent ...
Air pollution in Hong Kong obscures views of the city's skyscrapers. Photo by John Roberts
TheCityFix Picks: Power Outage in India, No Need for Olympic VIP Lanes, Worst Hong Kong Air Pollution Since 2010
Welcome back to TheCityFix Picks, our series highlighting the newsy and noteworthy of the past week. Each Friday, we’ll run down the headlines falling under TheCityFix’s five themes: integrated transport, urban development and accessibility, air quality and climate change, health and ...
EMBARQ Brasil Director Toni Lindau and the new Transoeste BRT
Rio de Janeiro Opens First Bus Rapid Transit Corridor
This post was originally published in Portuguese on As world leaders gather to address global sustainability at the Rio+20 Conference, the summit’s host city, Rio de Janeiro, just undertook its own green initiative— it launched its first bus rapid ...
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